Deploy to Vercel


Vercel is a cloud platform that enables developers to host Jamstack websites and web services that deploy instantly, scale automatically, and require no supervision, all with zero configuration. They provide a global edge network, SSL encryption, asset compression, cache invalidation, and more.

Deploying your Gridsome Website to Vercel

To deploy your Gridsome app with a Vercel for Git Integration, push your code to a repository on GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket.

Import the project into Vercel using the Import Flow. During the import, you will find all relevant options preconfigured for you.

After your project has been imported, all subsequent user pushes to branches will generate Preview Deployments, and all users changes made to the Production Branch (commonly "main") will result in a Production Deployment.

Once deployed, you will get a URL to see your app live, such as the following:

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